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How to Book a Photo Shoot

You can book via Phone, or simple click on the book now botton and send me a booking request, a response will be email to you within 24 hours.

How Long before Do I Need to Order

Please kindly give 2-3 days advance for booking a shoot, and if a shoot is already book one the day of your desire day, we are often available day before or after.

How Many Photo Will be Provided

We offer at least 20-35 Photos for each shoot. but the pictures count will depend on the size of your property, for larger property, you will often receive more then 35 photos

How will I Receive the Photos

The Photo will be send to you as a link via Email.


It will contain both MLS format files and high resolution fils

Why Hire a Professional for Real Estate Photos

As you know, the world has become very easy for content to share via social media, Web and other form of media. Good picture can greatly attract more buyers and to provide your viewer with a better view, and help them to picture themselve in the Space

Can I Cancel or Reschedule a Shoot

Yes, You may cancel or reschedule your shoot, but please kindly send us the request at least 1 day before your booking date.

Can I Make a Booking During Weekend

Yes, We are available for shoot 6 days a week, unless a prior booking is already been made

When Will I Receive the Photos

Typically, you will receive the photos by the next day.

How to Prepare the Property before Shoot

A neat and organize place will always attract more people, please kindly tuck away person item, and put away thing on the countertops for a cleaner look

A Quick guide for home preparation


-Turn on all interior lights

-Remove personal item, frame

-Clear off countertop

-Make all beds

-Tuck away the trash can


-Keep car away from the drive way and front of the house

-Remove garden tool, water pipe

-Make sure the Garbage Cans are not visible

How do I Pay you

Payment is due at the time of the shoot, Cash, Check,Venmo, Square Cash is accepted.

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